Star Wars Outlaws: Trailer, Release Date, & More

Star Wars Outlaws: Trailer, Release Date, & More

The Countdown Begins: Mark Your Calendars for August 30, 2024

Ubisoft Massive has just announced that their eagerly awaited open world action-adventure, Star Wars Outlaws, will be hitting stores and digital shelves on August 30, 2024. Accompanying this exciting news, a story-rich trailer invites us into the thrilling life of the game’s protagonist, Kay Vess – affectionately dubbed “Hannah Solo” by fans.

Meet Kay Vess: A Scoundrel on the Rise

The latest insights into Star Wars Outlaws reveal the ambitious journey of Kay Vess, a burgeoning rogue navigating the treacherous underworld. Her story unfolds as a fugitive on the lam from her nefarious boss, leading her through a series of dramatic encounters with various Star Wars crime syndicates across the galaxy. What’s particularly refreshing about this title is its deliberate pivot from classic Star Wars narratives. While iconic figures like Jabba the Hutt make their appearances, the storyline eschews elements such as The Force, Jedi, and Sith, instead immersing players in the grittier aspects of the galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars Outlaws: A Galactical Saga Set In A Pivotal Era

Star Wars Outlaws situates itself in a captivating timeframe – nestled between the events of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. This period in the Star Wars canon provides a fresh perspective; familiar heroes are off-scene, dealing with their own tribulations, leaving the galactic stage open for new stories to unfold. The absence of the key players we’ve come to love does not make the universe any less rich. Instead, it provides a unique opportunity to explore the intricate dynamics of the galaxy’s underworld through the lens of a new character.

Star Wars Outlaws: Journey Through the Cosmos

What sets Star Wars Outlaws apart is the promise of unprecedented exploration. The game leverages Ubisoft Massive’s expertise in creating immersive environments to offer what could be the ultimate Star Wars tourism experience. Players will have the freedom to traverse various planets, each teeming with detail and life – a testament to the developers’ prowess in crafting engaging worlds. Combat and exploration remain core aspects, with players navigating Kay Vess through intense encounters and stunning landscapes. The gameplay promises a blend of action-packed confrontations and strategic nuances, much to the delight of fans and newcomers alike.

Star Wars Outlaws: A New Kind of Rebellion

Amid the Mantel of rogues and rebels, Kay’s misadventures raise questions about the nature of dissent within the Star Wars universe. Her actions, as whimsical as they may appear, underscore the vibrant rebellion against established order – a theme resonant throughout the franchise. Whether commandeering her ship, the Trailblazer, for planetary voyages or engaging in interstellar escapades with her alien cat companion, Kay Vess brings a refreshing audacity to the galaxy.

Star Wars Outlaws: Looking Ahead

As the release date for Star Wars Outlaws draws nearer, anticipation builds for what is poised to be a monumental addition to the Star Wars video game legacy. Ubisoft Massive invites players to embark on this new journey, to live out their galactic fantasies in ways previously unimagined. Filled with intriguing characters, rich narratives, and boundless exploration, Star Wars Outlaws promises an unforgettable adventure across the stars.


Whether you’re a seasoned Star Wars aficionado or a newcomer to this expansive universe, Star Wars Outlaws beckons with the allure of untold stories and uncharted territories. Prepare to dive into a galaxy teeming with intrigue, drama, and action. The adventure begins on August 30, 2024 – the galaxy awaits your story.

Stay tuned for more updates as we approach the launch date. May the excitement be with you!


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